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Data Masterclass

Learn to prioritise and deliver more impactful work, faster.

My Data Masterclass transforms data novices into data-accelerated decision makers.

I teach proven skills, custom-tailored to your unique business, based on my 13+ years leading data teams at world-class companies like Meta,, and Canva.

No BS. No upselling. No tool bias. Just game-changing skills.

All it takes is 4 hours.
- Simon Jackson

More Impact in Just 4 hours

Learn the Tools

From Excel to Tableau, Amplitude to Optimzely, SQL to python, and everything in between. I'll give your team the confidence to self-serve from your data tools in a way that is useful for your business.

Solve Your Problems

Tracking and forecasting goals, deep diving into opportunities, validating assumptions, or prioritising ideas. Whatever you need, I'll teach your team to solve those problems and deliver more impact with your data.

Masterclass Examples

with SQL

Deep diving into your data can quickly find important customer problems and growth opportunities. Most teams fall short by not knowing how to interrogate their data or how to do it in tools like SQL, Excel, or Amplitude. Let's tailor a Masterclass to get your team finding every insight.

Goal Tracking
with Tableau

Setting and tracking goals is critical for focus and prioritisation. Most teams fall short by not knowing how to define meaningful metrics or how to track them in an actionable way with tools like Tableau, Power BI, or Looker. Let's tailor a Masterclass to focus your team on great goals!

A/B testing
with Optimizely

A/B testing is the gold-standard way to test ideas and optimize products. Most teams fall short by not  knowing how to properly setup tests and interpret results or how to execute in tools like Optimizely, Eppo, or LaunchDarkly. Let's tailor a Masterclass to help your team innovate at scale!

These are just examples.
There's much more we can do to help your team!

World-class in only 2 Steps

Share Your Context

Join Tailored Training



We'll meet and discuss the following:
- Your business context and goals
- Challenges you hope to overcome
- Data tools available to your team
- Examples of problems and data
This will only take 1 hour.

I'll custom-tailor my trainings, honed at world-class companies like Meta,, and Canva, to build a bespoke course for your team. It's  remote by default so anyone can join, taking 3 hours, over 3 days.

Purpose built under 2 Weeks

Monday, wk 1

Context & Draft

Kick off on Monday week 1, when we meet for 1 hour to discuss your context. By the end of the week, I'll share a draft for any feedback or further requests.

Wed - Fri, wk 2

Join Remote Training

I start week 2 putting the finishing touches on the material. Training is then conducted 1 hour per day, over 3 consecutive days (Wed - Fri). This creates space for material to sink in.

Exceptional Reviews

"Simon showed great adaptability... to meet our specific needs... which significantly enhanced our data science processes... His ability to communicate effectively and adapt to the needs of the team makes him a valuable asset to any organization."

Karol Wojciechowski Product Ops Manager, Serko

"a perfectly tailored training program, and executed brilliantly. It was very hands off for us... Simon is a world-class asset to any business looking to level up their use of data"

Jonas Alves CEO & Co-founder, ABsmartly

"crisp communication and deep expertise.... If you're looking for a guide to help your teams learn faster and more cheaply, you've got to work with Simon."

Austin Byrne Data & AI Product Lead Canva

"Loved it all… We need more of this…"

Product/Growth Manager Anonymous

“Very friendly explanation of the "WHY?" behind the practices”

Product/Growth Manager Anonymous

“[Simon] articulates everything at a level we can easily grasp.”

Product/Growth Manager Anonymous

Low-risk but Low-availability

Support Guarantee

I pride myself on delivering world-class programs. If your team struggled to learn in our dedicated time, I will continue to support their questions to the best of my ability for an entire month after the class.

Limited Slots

I am fully dedicated and work intensely to deliver exceptional results for each customer. So I am limited in my capacity. Enquire now to avoid delays.

Let's talk!

Leave your info and I'll get back to you to discuss your needs.

Data Masterclass and Hypergrowth Data are trademarks of DrSimonJ Pty Ltd, Australia.

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