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Simon Jackson

I help busy SMBs work smarter and increase productivity by leveraging their data.

Do you run a busy business overflowing with data, but lack the expertise to make it work for you?

You're not alone. Many Small and Midsized Businesses struggle to unlock the hidden potential within their data. You know it's valuable, but you don't have the time, resources, or expertise to hire a dedicated data specialist.

How I Help

Data Masterclass

Does your team have data access but struggle to leverage it? This is for you. I tailor-make trainings to help teams get over their most painful knowledge gaps and hurdles in just a few hours.
Details here.

Strategic Consulting

Are you staring into the unknown, unsure where to start or how to get where you want to be? This is for you. I will join your team, learn your goals and problems, and help you navigate the world of data to solve them efficiently.

Why Choose Me

Serious Experience

I've been a data science and analytics expert for over 13 years and held senior technical and leadership positions at giants like Meta (Facebook),, and Canva.

I have a PhD in decision science, have worked in 5 countries, and built and led large, globally-distributed teams of over 30 data specialists. 


My real superpower is being able to translate the complex world of data into something understandable and useful for businesses.

It's how I helped the VP of's largest department 2x profit margins of a strategic supply segment, or how I helped Canva's FP&A team improve financial forecasting and planning by 80%. More examples below.

What's the Proof

2x'd Profit Margins of Product Vertical

I worked with senior leadership of a global e-commerce department to identify and prioritise growth opportunities. I partnered with cross-functional teams and led the data science and analytics team to deliver a series of deep-dive analyses, in-market experiments, and ongoing reporting that focussed efforts and efficiently led to an incremental doubling in profit margins.

Halved Delivery Cycle Time for 10s of Teams

I was tasked with providing faster, more useful insights to 10s of marketplace product teams taking over a month, on average, to ship a change. After thorough discovery about their delivery and GTM cycles, I pinpointed the biggest bottleneck. I introduced data techniques that led to experiment learnings landing 2 weeks faster, practically halving decision and delivery times across the board.

Unlocked $Billion Personalization Testing

I worked with a commercial team in the gaming industry on shifting $Billions in customer rewards from manual allocation to leveraging algorithms. Deep discovery work led me to understand their key priorities and blockers for advancing. I was able to advise them on the critical path needed to safely test and release these capabilities, having confidence in their impact and how to improve them.

"Simon is a world-class expert when it comes to helping others leverage data. ... I couldn't recommend working with Simon any more - he's an absolute pleasure to work with and a world-class expert for all things data!"

Salva Torres B2B Growth Lead,

"I’ve found Simon to be a true expert and great partner in the field of experimentation, a proactive and friendly collaborator, and generally top-quality operator. Simon is a world-class asset to any business looking to level up their use of data and experimentation."

Jonas Alves CEO & Co-founder, ABsmartly

"Simon is a highly skilled professional whose expertise in experimentation and data science is exceptional. His ability to communicate effectively and adapt to the needs of the team makes him a valuable asset to any organization."

Karol Wojciechowski Product Ops Manager, Serko

When Do We Meet?

Book a 30min zoom with me now!

If you live in Sydney, Australia, I enjoy meeting in person too.
Email me at to arrange a time.

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